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JKD, Jun Fan And Other Names

One day, someone asked me this question: Are you after a name?

The question came up because of my reluctance to do kickboxing (Boxing and Muay Thai) drills that deviate too far from my Jun Fan structure. I kept saying ‘Oh this is or this isn’t JKD’. He told me I was missing the point completely, and how mistaken I was to think JKD as a “name”. Read the rest of this entry


Canonising The Japanese Manga

I wonder how many of you have considered this: to canonise the Japanese manga and in so doing, ensure its survival as a piece of art.

My own favourite works are Love Hina and Negima by Akamatsu Ken. Reading them has been an enjoyable experience and I am sure will continue to be so even years later. And that’s why I want to ensure they survive even after their anime shows run their last episodes; after the shops sell the last piece of merchandise and a new fad arrives. Future generations should be able to share this glimpse into the beautiful world of manga. Read the rest of this entry

Spacing Out In Mahora

By the way, I am also an Otaku – fan of Japanese anime and manga.

So today, let us talk about Negima! Magister Negi Magi, a Japanese manga about a 10-year-old wizard teaching a class of middle-school girls. No, no, no! Stay with me! It isn’t like that at all! There isn’t any weird shit going on in there unless you count the android girls, ninjas, swordswomen, wizards, dragons and vampires. And they attend school just like any other regular Japanese student. Now, before you cast the first stone at this manga, can you truly vouch for your own school? No androids in your tea ceremony club? Are you sure the girl sitting beside you in history wasn’t really a ninja? And just because you didn’t hear the dragon chained beneath your school, are you sure it wasn’t actually there? Read the rest of this entry

Men Are From Earth, And So Are Women

“Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle
– Irina Dunn”

People who say things like that are probably very sad and dissatisfied with their lives. Life is not just about “need”. If you want to go that way, then all you really NEED are air, food (just enough to survive) and water.

Coffee, chocolate, the internet, computers, cars and electricity are all unnecessary. Trust me. In some parts of Asia, they don’t have all those luxuries that developed countries take for granted. And the denizens of such rural communities are surviving. They live and all they have are NEEDS, not WANTS. Read the rest of this entry

There You Have It!

My Martial Arts Odyssey essay in 3 parts!

Read them in this order:

Good And Bad first, followed by Learning To Get Hit And Other Lessons and finally Biblical Lesson.

Teck Y. Loh

Biblical Lesson – Part 3

I am going to conclude the S Saga with a sermon. Do not, I repeat, do not cast pearls before swines. Especially truly valuable ones which you have gotten through expensive overseas trips.

It came to pass that after I had left Singapore for the USA in 2000, I started practicing JKD. And it naturally followed that I left S’s camp once I found competent teachers, even though they were in a faraway country across the ocean.

However, back in 2008 (I think), I was back in Singapore again and my JKD teachers were away in USA and UK. I was still training, but without the benefit of teachers and group support. And at the same time, a tournament was taking place in Singapore. So, when I ran into S again, my sole training partner at the time advised me strongly to make use of this chance encounter. Read the rest of this entry

Learning To Get Hit And Other Lessons – Part 2

Paul, the Singaporean training partner, made this observation when I told him about sparring in S’s class.

“Too soon,” he said.

He thought I wasn’t ready for full-contact sparring when I hadn’t even learned how to throw a punch properly. S, however, thought differently. After a few lessons with him, he invited me to spar with some of his more aggressive fighters. Mind you, I wasn’t asked to spar with students at my level, but the senior ones who had already been following him a year or so before I did. Read the rest of this entry