Men Are From Earth, And So Are Women

“Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle
– Irina Dunn”

People who say things like that are probably very sad and dissatisfied with their lives. Life is not just about “need”. If you want to go that way, then all you really NEED are air, food (just enough to survive) and water.

Coffee, chocolate, the internet, computers, cars and electricity are all unnecessary. Trust me. In some parts of Asia, they don’t have all those luxuries that developed countries take for granted. And the denizens of such rural communities are surviving. They live and all they have are NEEDS, not WANTS.

By the way, while we are still on the subject, bacon and cakes are also luxury items which we do not really NEED to survive. The rural denizens of the Third World have shown us that all we really NEED are rice and vegetables and occasionally, some fish. And well water, not Evian.

So yeah, if you have those NEEDS that those Third World denizens have, you will be able to survive as a human being. BUT will you be happy, Irina Dunn?

If I am not wrong, a lot of feminists are saying “Women do not need men” because science has progressed to the point where men are not needed for procreation and survival of the species.

That’s rather sad when you think about it. Procreation. Is this how feminists view women? As child-bearing machines? They don’t think, read, laugh or cry? Because they don’t necessarily need sexual intercourse to make babies, that means they don’t need to share their thoughts about their favourite books with their lovers or enjoy gaming sessions with male friends?

Just making babies? That’s what feminists think women are good for?

Look. I am a man, and while I do not want to make babies nor do I feel the need to, I would be the last person to say women are not needed.

Scratch that. I will NEVER say I do not need women. While I can probably survive healthily in a men-only monastery, shut away from earthly temptations, such a life would not be worth living. A world without women is a dull dead world.

And I hope you can see the difference between reasonable people and extremists who can only see the world in black and white.

Teck Y. Loh


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