JKD, Jun Fan And Other Names

One day, someone asked me this question: Are you after a name?

The question came up because of my reluctance to do kickboxing (Boxing and Muay Thai) drills that deviate too far from my Jun Fan structure. I kept saying ‘Oh this is or this isn’t JKD’. He told me I was missing the point completely, and how mistaken I was to think JKD as a “name”.

Ferdinand de Saussure’s theory that the relationship between the signifier and the signified is arbitrary, when adopted by someone with little to do but argue, can be taken to mean unrestricted freedom in naming objects. But picture this: You step into a restaurant, read the menu and orders a slab of juicy sirloin steak. The waiter then comes back with chinese chow mein. He then tells you that as the relationship between the word and object is tenuous at best, ‘sirlion steak’ is just a name (a concept even) and need not refer to an actual slice of cooked meat from a cow. Is sir so close-minded that he attempts to give the truth a fixed form?

Well, yes. Because the chair I am sitting on feels real enough.

Teck Y. Loh


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Level 99 Security Guard

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