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Singaporean Advocates The Killing Of Children

Calvin Cheng, a former Nominated Member of Singapore’s Parliament, recently commented on his Facebook that children of ISIS terrorists should be killed along with their parents “in case” the children grow up to take revenge.

Do you agree with his views? Personally, I believe that when you fight against terrorists, it is kill or be killed, but I feel strongly that we should not even entertain the idea of killing children just because they MIGHT grow up to take revenge. Read the rest of this entry


Is This The Right Way To Handle Bullying?

Speaking as someone who was bullied at school and in the army, I say Rika’s way is the best way to handle bullying. Give them a beat down as soon as they start something, like what Rika did.

Some of you may think, “But that’s just over a book!” Over kill, right?

Not really. When I was being bullied in secondary school, the bullying started with badmouthing and sometimes slaps to the back of my head. Now, at that point, with the slapping for example, I could have retaliated with a few slaps of my own. No biggie, right? Someone throws a slap, you return with a harder one and that’s that. Read the rest of this entry

The Premature Death of Mx0

55903I enjoyed Mx0.

Rather than just ‘mana’ or ‘life energy’ or wands or staves, the magic-users in that story-verse also relied on a card system even more complex than those offered by commercial banks. Students at the magic school didn’t just get a regular iron card, followed by silver and finally with gold reigning over all. There were eight different levels for the first years to get through before they could even make it to silver. Later on, depending on what kind of magic user a student was, he would be grouped into one of the following groups. White gold, strengthened alloy or rare metal. Read the rest of this entry

Guards Gone Wild!

I received my first assignment as a security guard way back in 1999, and continued to work in the industry over the next few years.

Then in 2003, I went abroad on a working holiday visa and only returned to Singapore in 2005. Between the date of my return and the latter part of 2009, I took a long break from the security industry. Because, why not?

I had seen a whole new world out there after all, so why should I resign myself to toiling for seventy-two hours per week in a thankless job? So I made plans, based on my work experience in the UK. Read the rest of this entry