Guards Gone Wild!

I received my first assignment as a security guard way back in 1999, and continued to work in the industry over the next few years.

Then in 2003, I went abroad on a working holiday visa and only returned to Singapore in 2005. Between the date of my return and the latter part of 2009, I took a long break from the security industry. Because, why not?

I had seen a whole new world out there after all, so why should I resign myself to toiling for seventy-two hours per week in a thankless job? So I made plans, based on my work experience in the UK.

But it turned out that I was too optimistic so, in 2009, I took classes for the two Basic Licensing Security WSQ (Workforce Skills Qualifications) units and obtained my security officer’s* license. Once again, I mired myself in this industry. I took up a few full-time assignments but couldn’t bear to hold on to them for long. Eventually, I decided to take only the better-paid temporary gigs and weekend assignments.

So how many twelve-hour shifts had I worked since my first gig in 1999? Don’t know, because who would keep track of something like that? But there were times when I laughed. Out of frustration. And there were times when I cried. Out of frustration. I thought it would be a shame if those stories about, not just myself, but other security guards were left to rot away along Memory Lane.

So I started writing.

And those stories became Guards Gone Wild!**

Teck Y. Loh

* They call us security officers but throughout my book, I insist on using ‘security guard’ to refer to myself and my colleagues. The reason is explained in the third chapter.

** Guards Gone Wild! is not published yet, but I just finished writing the last chapter. After the proofreading is done, I will start sending my manuscript to local publishers.


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Level 99 Security Guard

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