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In Japan, Schoolgirls Kick Ass

Martial arts training is actually compulsory once you enter middle school in Japan. So it comes as no surprise to me when I find video clips of real live Japanese schoolgirls fighting against organized crime and other threats to society.

Here are the top five examples.

Here we see an average Japanese school girl¬†fighting against a group of Yakuza thugs. They probably ambushed her on her way to school because she’s still wearing her school uniform in this clip. Read the rest of this entry


An Inexplicably Sad Dream

Inexplicable, because it didn’t involve anyone I know so I can’t understand why I felt so sad.

In my dream, there was a girl. A young girl. A teenager I think. In the first segment, she was walking to an abandoned school. Then she somehow made her way to an empty classroom and just sat there. Concentrating hard.

And suddenly, images of her school life appeared in the dark, in front of her. Other young people her age appeared like ghosts in the night. They weren’t real of course. Read the rest of this entry

On The Charge Of Objectification

Men objectify women and women objectify men.

Just like how employers objectify their employees and how society objectifies teachers, security guards, plumbers and different sorts of workers.

The moment you walk into a restaurant and place your order without listening to your server’s life story, his hopes and dreams, you are objectifying him. That is to say, you are merely seeing him as a tool for memorizing your order and delivering it to your table. Read the rest of this entry

Portrait Of A Security Guard


This portrait was drawn by my friend,¬†Stephane Griswold. Amazing, isn’t it? We have never met before in Meat Space and just based on our conversations on Facebook, he imagined what I was like at work and produced this picture.


Knifer & Aftermath

After posting ‘Is this the right way to deal with bullying?’ to both Hardwarezone and Sammyboy, online forums forums popular with Singaporeans, a general consensus appeared.

Physical force has to be met with physical force.

And I am sure that’s workable in the school yard or out on the streets or wherever delinquents hang out. But when you are a working adult dealing with adult bullies at the workplace, you may have to rethink that meet-physical-force-with-physical-force option. Read the rest of this entry