An Inexplicably Sad Dream

Inexplicable, because it didn’t involve anyone I know so I can’t understand why I felt so sad.

In my dream, there was a girl. A young girl. A teenager I think. In the first segment, she was walking to an abandoned school. Then she somehow made her way to an empty classroom and just sat there. Concentrating hard.

And suddenly, images of her school life appeared in the dark, in front of her. Other young people her age appeared like ghosts in the night. They weren’t real of course.

Then I understood what she was doing and why. Somehow I knew that something supernatural was going on. Either the girl was an immortal or had enter a time slip. Because while she remained young, all the people she knew before had already passed on, leaving her behind. The teachers and her classmates. They grew old and then died a long time ago. The classroom that contained her best memories from her life had also died. Bits of metal were corroded with rust and things were just falling apart.

She sat there for a long time and then made her way to a new destination.

A factory this time.

She went in and did her concentrating thing again. And saw ghostly images of colleagues from the past. They greeted her and one of them said something about production deadlines or whatever. Of course, they weren’t real either.

After that, the dream ended and I just woke up all of a sudden with tears in my eyes. Odd. I don’t know who that girl was but I cried for her.

Teck Y. Loh


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