A Lollipop Gentleman

I am going to a new school tomorrow. Apparently they need an extra guard to hang around at the traffic light to guide children to safety. I think they are called lollipop ladies or something like that in Britain.

In other news, I just discarded a bag I have been using for the past 5 years. Been with me to all sorts of work sites. Condominiums. Shopping malls. Schools.

But the strap’s broken and the thread’s coming apart. So I had to ransack my sister’s room for an old bag of hers and throw away the old one.

Now I wish I had taken a picture before dumping the old bag. It had an amusing typo.

Made in Japen.

But I don’t have a camera.

By the way, if school crossing guards are known as lollipop ladies, then can I call myself a lollipop gentleman?

Lollipop gentleman. Like a wise man who dispenses sage advice alongside delicious candy. While guiding school children to safety.

Teck Y. Loh


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