Security Guard Owed Salary, Can’t Get Help

Apparently, this relief guard working for Aspect Security Management Pte Ltd failed to obtain owed wages from his employer. And after going to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), he was told that MOM cannot help him in any way, as he’s an independent contractor.

A police report was filed, but I doubt that will be helpful when it comes to recovering owed wages.

I am sad to say that this is a common enough story in our industry. In 2003, when I was working as the assistant supervisor at a mall, the guards there were suffering from the same problem. They continued to work only because their employer at the time was buying nasi lemak for them.

At least they weren’t going to starve if they went to work.

I remember one of the guards complaining that there were no chicken wings in the nasi lemak.

For the full story on Relief Guard vs. Aspect Security, you can visit this link:


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