Last year, on the 21st of December, I submitted Guards Gone Wild! to 4 publishers based in Singapore. They each have their own time frames for reviewing and selecting manuscripts.

The first two said 8 weeks on their websites.

The third, and that’s the one who sent me a hopeful-sounding response when they first received my email, said 4 months on their website.

The last one, one of the biggest in Singapore I think, said no more than 6 months.

Anyway, the deadline of 8 weeks is fast approaching. On the 15th of February, if I do not hear from Publishers 1 & 2, I shall have to give up hope. I think.

Because if two publishers out of four reject me, then chances are good that the third and fourth will turn down my manuscript as well. Actually, I am not holding my breath for Publisher 4 since they did not even reply to my initial enquiry regarding the simultaneous submissions of my manuscript.

I think all the waiting is making me more irritable than usual. Especially when I have to pull 12-hour shifts at the same time.

Teck Y. Loh


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