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Rejection Letter #1

I just received my first rejection letter from a publisher.

“…we didn’t feel the content worked for us.

1 down and 3 more chances left. 2 really, because I am not holding out for Publisher #4. They (#4) didn’t even reply to my original enquiry regarding multiple submissions of my manuscript and that email was sent in December last year.

I was really hoping Publisher #1 would take me on. They publish crime stories in both the fiction and non-fiction categories so I thought they might want to take on my book since it is a whistle-blower’s account of Singapore’s private security industry.

It looks like I might end up having to self-publish after all.

Teck Y. Loh

Mood: Really don’t feel like going in to work.


Writing Action

Is my biggest challenge as a writer.

As a security guard, I am no stranger to violence. But almost always, during the course of my work, even a relatively lengthy altercation is simply summarized into a short sentence or two.

For example, “The two men was shouting at each for over 15 minutes and then the man in the red shirt punched the man wearing the white t-shirt.”

Short and sweet. Straight to the point. And boring as hell to read.

I couldn’t use that kind of writing for Guards Gone Wild! but, at the same time, I wanted to entertain my readers with the description of a violent altercation, in a manner that will allow them to instantly grasp what was going on at that point in time. Read the rest of this entry

Otaku Fitness

Fujinsei, a blogger I am following, recently came up with a list of health tips for busy otaku bloggers like herself. You can read the list here. I highly recommend it. 🙂

After reading her blog post, I was inspired to give my own two cents’ worth about otaku fitness.

I guess fitness is not a problem for me because I don’t blog so often and I am currently working as a security guard. That means lots of walking.

When I was not working and doing my otaku thing (i.e. reading manga and watching anime) full-time, fitness was also not a problem. Because I also belong to a sub-group of otaku known as martial arts otaku. I don’t know about other martial arts otaku but I do martial arts for real ln Meat Space. Running, push-ups, sit-ups, weights, form training, shadow boxing and pad work. The works. Read the rest of this entry

For Serious Writers

Please check out Preditors & Editors if you are planning to become a published writer. It has some good tips on avoiding scams. Publishers with bad reputation within the industry are also listed on the website.

Heroes Or Anti-heroes?

Do you prefer heroes or anti-heroes in works of fiction?

In most Japanese anime/drama/manga, the good guys never kill. And the bad guys are those who do. Whatever their reasons may be. I just finished watching an episode of Kindaichi where the “villain”, and I am reluctant to call him one, killed off the people responsible for trapping his father and himself in a cave for 12 years. Of course, his elderly father died during the early days of their confinement and the boy had to live on rats and water. For 12 years.

I thought his revenge was well justified. And too tame since the culprits were killed rather quickly without time to truly repent for their past misdeed. But since this drama had to fit in with Japanese ideas about crime and punishment, the righteous avenger became the “villain” and quietly surrendered to the cops in order to repay his “debts” to society. Read the rest of this entry