Otaku Fitness

Fujinsei, a blogger I am following, recently came up with a list of health tips for busy otaku bloggers like herself. You can read the list here. I highly recommend it. 🙂

After reading her blog post, I was inspired to give my own two cents’ worth about otaku fitness.

I guess fitness is not a problem for me because I don’t blog so often and I am currently working as a security guard. That means lots of walking.

When I was not working and doing my otaku thing (i.e. reading manga and watching anime) full-time, fitness was also not a problem. Because I also belong to a sub-group of otaku known as martial arts otaku. I don’t know about other martial arts otaku but I do martial arts for real ln Meat Space. Running, push-ups, sit-ups, weights, form training, shadow boxing and pad work. The works.

On Fridays, back when I wasn’t working as a security guard, I would meet up with a friend to train at the neighborhood park. It’s fun, since he’s also seen some anime and manga. So I can say things like, “This kind of punch would only work in an anime” and he would understand what I was talking about.

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