Rejection Letter #1

I just received my first rejection letter from a publisher.

“…we didn’t feel the content worked for us.

1 down and 3 more chances left. 2 really, because I am not holding out for Publisher #4. They (#4) didn’t even reply to my original enquiry regarding multiple submissions of my manuscript and that email was sent in December last year.

I was really hoping Publisher #1 would take me on. They publish crime stories in both the fiction and non-fiction categories so I thought they might want to take on my book since it is a whistle-blower’s account of Singapore’s private security industry.

It looks like I might end up having to self-publish after all.

Teck Y. Loh

Mood: Really don’t feel like going in to work.


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  1. It can take a while to find that right publisher. Case in point, nearly every story I’ve published was rejected an average of five times. I’ve published a few that were rejected over ten times. I have a writer friend that published a story after 37 rejections. In other words, finding a publisher it can be a bit of a slog. Keep at it.

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