Monster Parents

Let’s talk about monster parents.

Like the dick head who screwed me over today for no good reason.

In order to facilitate the smooth running of things during school dismissal, we have certain rules in place.

For example, to prevent traffic congestion, we do not allow parents to drive into the school compound to pick up their kids. They have to wait outside the school gates or park by the roadside if they came in their cars, and wait patiently for their offsprings to be let out. No exception unless there is a vehicular emergency or if it is raining.

And almost all parents know to toe the line, except for one jackass. Earlier today, while my colleagues and I were busy with crowd control duties, this jackass drove up to the barrier gate and demanded to be let in to see the principal.

While everyone, including the principal, was busy with their school dismissal duties?

So I told him he would have to wait for school dismissal to be over and the crowd to clear. However, this reasonable request was met with agitation. He raised his voice and repeated his demand.

“I want to see the principal”

Over and over like a child throwing a tantrum.

Not wanting a Scene to develop in public, I decided to compromise.

“I will let you in. You can park your car in the car park and wait for the crowd to clear first. Then you can go in and see the principal,” I advised.

He muttered something about seeing the principal and swerved into the car park as soon as I lifted the barrier.

Once his car is parked, he immediately exited the vehicle and made a beeline for the crowd of students hanging about in the foyer, picked up his two grandsons, had a brief chat with the principal and promptly returned to his waiting car. The chat with the principal was too brief to be anything important. Definitely not something that justified the breaking of school rules.

It was obvious what just happened. He had lied to me in order to gain access to the school compound and make picking up his grandsons easier for himself, while other parents were waiting patiently outside the school gates. Blatant favouritism, was probably what those parents were thinking. And I have to face those parents tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. And the day after the day after tomorrow…

On top of that, he also ignored my advice to wait in his car. And ignoring that advice can get me a scolding from the Operations Manager, who’s a stickler for rules regarding school dismissal time.

Today wasn’t the only time he screwed me over. On another day, during school dismissal as well, he parked his car right in the middle of the outgoing lane, right in front of the barrier gate. Outgoing vehicles wouldn’t be able to leave and the bigger buses wouldn’t be able to squeeze through. Naturally, I asked him politely to move his vehicle but he refused. He insisted that since he was in the car, he would move out of the way as soon as he spotted incoming vehicles.

Yeah. Looking at the somewhat narrow patch of road in front of the barrier gate, I can just imagine the “slapstick comedy routine” that’s SURE to occur when one small car tries to squeeze out of the way of a bigger incoming bus.

In the interest of preserving the life of this slapstick comedian, I advised him, once again, to move his vehicle away from the barrier gate.

And he denied me for the second time.

So I had to go find someone with more seniority to deal with him.

But despite the earlier unpleasant encounter, I opted for a conciliatory approach when I saw him again, a few minutes later, when he came in on foot to pick up his grandsons.

“See? If I had not approached you earlier and left you alone, the O.M. would still chase you away. So it was not personal. Even though the O.M. was smiling at you, he would have scolded me if I had left you alone…”

I did not finish my speech. Because the jackass made a point of ignoring me and walked away.

I have to face this jackass again tomorrow. According to school gossip, he’s some rich dude living in a four-story house. Several cuts above us HDB dwellers. No wonder he could get away with being a jackass.

Teck Y. Loh


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