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Toilet Ban Raises Storm In A Teacup



According to this TOC article, Wisma Atria’s decision to bar contractors from using the same toilets as shoppers has caused an outpouring of anger against the shopping mall on the internet.

As a security guard who has been working (on and on-and off basis) in the private security industry since 1999, I would like to give my two cents worth about this public relations disaster. And what I think is: Those internet commentators are really just making a mountain out of a molehill.

Because I have been working in the private security industry since 1999, I can tell you that almost all (if not all!) shopping malls in Singapore have this same policy of not allowing contractors to use the toilets meant for shoppers.

As far as I know, this rule has existed since the 90s, so I have to wonder why everyone is kicking up a fuss only now. Read the rest of this entry


Just Quit

Just sent in my resignation letter. By text messaging.

Because if I keep waiting for a better time, a safer moment, to hand in my resignation, I might find myself still working as a guard 10 years from now.

If I want to become a published writer, I have to do it NOW.

Besides, I have already arranged to meet my friends on the 1st of May to discuss the crowdfunding of my book. Yeah, I know. I haven’t heard from Publisher #3 yet, but it doesn’t hurt to plan for the worst in advance. So if Publisher #3 rejects me as well, I wouldn’t feel all lost and forlorn. I would have a plan to fall back on immediately, right after reading the rejection email.

And to make sure that I have a working plan by then, I expect to jump right into the fray and work hard after the 1st May meeting.

You know, with drafting letters and meeting people and online marketing and so on and so forth. I don’t think I can commit to a 60-hour work week once I get started with my book publishing efforts.

Teck Y. Loh

It Is Not Rape If It Is Yuri?

Zunika Ahmad, a 39-year-old woman who have been passing herself off as a man since she was 16, was so convincing as a man that she even married two women who were clueless about her true gender identity.

For nearly two years since 2012, she had been sexually assaulting her neighbour, a 13-year-old girl. Using a sex toy and her fingers, Zunika Ahmad had sexually penetrated the 13-year-old. In court, Zunika had pleaded guilty but, even with a guilty plea, the judge threw out all six charges of sexual penetration out of the court.

The reason? It is not rape if it is Yuri, according to Singapore’s laws. The Senior Judge who threw out the charges of sexual penetration explained that only a person with a penis can commit rape. Read the rest of this entry

Rejection Letter #3

I just received my third rejection letter from a publisher.

“Thanks for the submission but Guards Gone Wild is not for us.”

Short and sweet. That’s from Publisher #2.

3 down and just 1 more left. I really hope Publisher #3 has some positive news for me.

Teck Y. Loh

World of Warcraft – Live Action



Call to arms! In Japan!

According to this Independent article, radioactive wild boars are spawning in the Northern Wastes of Japan, where the Fukushima nuclear disaster took place.

These aggro boars have been menacing agriculture in the area and powering up by eating nuclear-enhanced food. Without strong raiding parties to keep them in their place, these boars have rampaging without regard for balance and their environment.

Clearly, strong decisive action is needed to solve this problem.  Read the rest of this entry