World of Warcraft – Live Action



Call to arms! In Japan!

According to this Independent article, radioactive wild boars are spawning in the Northern Wastes of Japan, where the Fukushima nuclear disaster took place.

These aggro boars have been menacing agriculture in the area and powering up by eating nuclear-enhanced food. Without strong raiding parties to keep them in their place, these boars have rampaging without regard for balance and their environment.

Clearly, strong decisive action is needed to solve this problem. 

So harken! World of Warcraft players! Are you tired of killing virtual boars using your puny mouse? Are you tired of sitting around in your room all day and not getting enough exercise?

If you answer YES to either question, then what are you waiting for? Sharpen your sword skills and head over to the boar-ridden Northern Wastes! Form your raiding parties! Hunt the boars! Raise your EXP! And get your unique drops! The radioactive boar tusks are drops you can only get in the Northern Wastes, I promise.

This is one LARP event you wouldn’t want to miss.

Teck Y. Loh



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