It Is Not Rape If It Is Yuri?

Zunika Ahmad, a 39-year-old woman who have been passing herself off as a man since she was 16, was so convincing as a man that she even married two women who were clueless about her true gender identity.

For nearly two years since 2012, she had been sexually assaulting her neighbour, a 13-year-old girl. Using a sex toy and her fingers, Zunika Ahmad had sexually penetrated the 13-year-old. In court, Zunika had pleaded guilty but, even with a guilty plea, the judge threw out all six charges of sexual penetration out of the court.

The reason? It is not rape if it is Yuri, according to Singapore’s laws. The Senior Judge who threw out the charges of sexual penetration explained that only a person with a penis can commit rape.

Since Zunika is a woman, she can never be found guilty, even after admitting her guilt in court.

For more details about the case, you can read the news articles here and here.

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