Toilet Ban Raises Storm In A Teacup



According to this TOC article, Wisma Atria’s decision to bar contractors from using the same toilets as shoppers has caused an outpouring of anger against the shopping mall on the internet.

As a security guard who has been working (on and on-and off basis) in the private security industry since 1999, I would like to give my two cents worth about this public relations disaster. And what I think is: Those internet commentators are really just making a mountain out of a molehill.

Because I have been working in the private security industry since 1999, I can tell you that almost all (if not all!) shopping malls in Singapore have this same policy of not allowing contractors to use the toilets meant for shoppers.

As far as I know, this rule has existed since the 90s, so I have to wonder why everyone is kicking up a fuss only now.

If the social justice warriors calling for boycott of Wisma Atria are serious, then they HAVE TO boycott shopping in Singapore completely because, you know, most if not all shopping malls in Singapore have the same rule currently enforced at Wisma Atria.

And they have a good reason for enforcing this particular rule. Not because contractors are from one social class and paying customers belong to another. But because, due to the nature of their work, contractors need to be able to wash their tools, boots and their bodies during and after work. We are not talking about contractors popping in to pee or poop. We are talking about scrubbing off PLENTY OF dust and grime with running water and turning the floor brown.

Do you think this is being fair to the cleaners who have to clean up afterwards? And how would you like it if you went into the toilet for a quick pee only to be soaked from head to toe because the contractors were having a quick wash up before heading back to their dormitory?

By the way, the contractors at Wisma Atria are not banned from using ALL its toilets. They are allowed to use the toilet at the car park on Level 5 of the mall.

Teck Y. Loh


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