History Of Maid Cafes


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The earliest “maid cafes” in recorded history first started operations in ancient Egypt, during the Twenty-Second Dynasty (c. 945–715 BC) when the cat goddess Bast was revered as a protector deity.

Historians and archaeologists now believe that, based on evidence found in mural paintings, the priestesses of Bast adorned themselves with “cat ears” and “cat tails” fashioned from reeds during temple ceremonies. Cats, believed by ancient Egyptians to be guardians of the underworld, were thought to possess semi-divine authority over malignant spirits. And Egyptologists believe that, in donning “cat ears” and “cat tails”, the priestesses were trying to assume the mantle and authority of cats during rituals to exorcise evil influence and spirits.

“And if you look closely at the priestesses, in their cat ears and tails, you see the remarkable resemblance to modern cat girl maids plying their trade in Akihabara,” said Dr. Otaku from Todai (Tokyo University) Department of History and Social Sciences.

Temples in ancient Egypt also functioned as community centers for nearby towns and villages, and thus it takes no effort to surmise that beverages were also served in the temples by the priestesses during important ceremonies. Indeed, mural paintings of worshipers sipping beverages presented by “cat girl” priestesses, clad in sombre robes of black and white, have been unearthed from temple ruins now and then.

“Once again, consider the resemblance. The ancient priestesses wore robes of black and white, much like the uniforms worn by modern maids in Akihabara,” remarked Dr. Otaku.

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