My First Ever Poll!

And I apologize for my previous post, What’s Wrong With Guards Gone Wild!?, where I said it will cost me money to put up a poll on my blog.  I just didn’t study the WordPress dashboard hard enough.

So there you go. A poll. And let me just tell you this:

Your vote matters.

Teck Y. Loh


About Security Guard

Level 99 Security Guard

Posted on May 12, 2016, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I can’t vote, because none of the categories fit what I think. While I think Guards Gone Wild might be a bit too cliche, I think Diary of a Security Guard is a little too dull. Something in between? The third one is simply too long and over complex for what you’re writing, I think. So that is my poll selection, something in between the first two options 🙂

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