If You Lose Your Phone At A Singapore Mall

Don’t place all your hopes on the security guards and the mall’s CCTV network.

Recently, a mother who used the Level 4 nursing room at Westgate left her iPhone 6 in the room. When she returned mere minutes later, the phone was already gone. The story of her loss was posted on All Singapore Stuff‘s website and Facebook page, where it attracted numerous comments from well-wishers.

One sympathetic well-wisher advised the distraught mother to approach the security team at the mall. That’s actually good advice because security guards are usually the ones handling Lost & Found items. But the well-wisher also advised her to request mall security to playback the CCTV footage in the vicinity of the nursing room and to retrieve a copy of the footage so that she may upload it to the internet. Well, with thousands of internet-users viewing the video clip, someone is bound to be able to identify the thief. But should we get our hopes up?

Speaking as a security guard myself, I have to say no.

IF there’s a CCTV camera near the nursing room, Westgate’s guards may be willing to playback the CCTV footage for the mother. But that’s just a maybe. Because I used to work at various malls throughout Singapore, I know how security guards respond to requests like this. They will either tell you to fill in a Lost & Found form and leave it at that or cite “security reasons” and tell you only security personnel can view the CCTV footage.

It is not that we security guards are unsympathetic. Even when we sympathize with you, we can’t always help because we lack the authority to just let complete strangers walk into the FCC (Fire Command Center) and view the CCTV footage. Especially when we are just mere agency guards. For that to happen, the mother would have to approach Westgate’s management team directly.

But even then, with management’s permission to view the CCTV footage, it’s still highly unlikely that the mother will be able to retrieve a copy of the footage from the FCC. Especially if she tells them she is planning to upload it to the internet.

Now, please do not misunderstand. I am not telling her to give up hope.There are ways of finding a lost iPhone. Such as…

Going to the police with the IMEI/MEID number of your iPhone.

Going through the options listed on this wikiHow page.

Learning to track a lost iPhone with a dead battery.

Learning to track a lost iPhone without a tracking app.

Unless some kind-hearted soul has already found and handed over the lost iPhone to mall security, all of the above methods are more likely to yield result than approaching the security guards at Westgate.

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