Freedom Of Listening

This YouTube video was uploaded to YouTube by Amos Yee.

As a writer, I believe in the right to freedom of speech. And I believe in Amos Yee’s right to say whatever he wants and wherever he wants, even when I disagree with whatever he’s saying.

As a realist, I believe that the freedom of listening exists alongside the freedom of speech. That is to say, while you are free to say whatever you want, the people out there have the freedom to listen and respond appropriately* if they do not like what they are hearing.

And sometimes, like in Amos’ case, your critic might be stronger than you. That’s why I believe, before you start trying to piss off the wrong crowd with your questionable wit, you should take up an intensive course in Krav Maga or Systema. Both are militant unarmed combat systems practised by the Israel Defense Forces and Russian Special Forces respectively, so they are guaranteed to work on the streets.

Just my two cents’ worth. You are free to listen and respond. 🙂

Teck Y. Loh

* “Appropriately” is a subjective word and its meaning differs from person to person. Most people think flaming someone on Facebook is an appropriate response to rude behaviour but people do get set on fire for real in less civilised societies.



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