True Security Guard Ghost Stories: A Halloween Special

Many security guards work twelve-hour night shifts, in eerily quiet buildings and sometimes quite remote areas, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that urban legends and spooky tales have sprung up among our community. This Halloween, if you want to give yourself a good scare with some stories from beyond the grave, chat up a security guard.

Or you can keep on reading.

Because people kept asking me for ghost stories after they found out that I had worked the night shift at various notorious buildings in Singapore, I decided to include some in my yet-to-be-published book, Guards Gone Wild!. As a sort of fan service. So, there they are. Three chapters containing stories of close run-ins with the spine-chilling aspect of security work.

Haunted School

“At this particular school, one of the unbendable rules pertained to the treatment of ‘night students’, the unquiet spirits of students past. According to reliable eyewitnesses, they showed up from time to time, still neatly attired in uniforms of yesteryear, prowling the corridors during the hours of darkness.

‘Ignore them,’ my fellow guard warned. Especially when they tried to grab your attention with friendly greetings. Maybe a ‘hello’, sung from one of the upper floors or a wave of a hand if you were caught looking in the right direction.”

– Excerpt from Haunted School.

But strangely enough, even while my colleague had his fair share of spooky encounters and even while the weekend part-timers were harassed, I myself was never bothered by the ‘night students’. The Haunted School chapter tells the story of two unfortunate weekend part-timers who saw “someone”, a man wearing a white shirt who looked suspiciously like a student, pull off an impossible disappearing act and were so freaked out that they promptly resigned from their job.

It didn’t help matters that they were the only ones who could see that “someone” even though all three of us were present.

My colleague, on the other hand, was made of sterner stuff. While he was prowling along that same stretch of corridor where the part-timers had seen the disappearing apparition, he saw a girl. A student, in her uniform, sitting at a bench with books sprawled out around her. Of course, it wasn’t a big deal to see a student doing a bit of self-study in a school but, according to my colleague, the time was 8 p.m. And the school was supposed to be empty.

Well, what else could my colleague do but instruct her to leave the premises? He did just that and continued plodding forward. Several seconds later, however, he turned around to tell the student something. To hurry up or whatever. But it didn’t matter anymore.

Because the girl, along with her textbooks, had mysteriously vanished from the bench. In the span of just a few seconds.

My colleague continued his patrol. All by himself. In the dark.

The Corridor

In a certain office building in the Central Business District of Singapore, there’s a special floor.

Unlike the other floors, there wasn’t a straight path leading from the lift lobby with offices lined up neatly on both sides. The architect had put in a maze instead, with the corridor twisting here and there until it ended in a short stretch containing several small offices. Whenever I had to patrol that particular floor, I always felt uneasy. Because don’t you know mazes are sometimes built inside buildings in order to confuse evil spirits?

The infamous Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, was built based on that principle. Sarah Winchester, the heiress to the Winchester Rifle fortune, believed that her family was haunted by the spirits of those who were killed by Winchester rifles and so had a maze-like mansion built to confuse the ghosts of the unquiet dead.

So every time I had to turn a corner on that floor, I half expected to be surprised by lost and bewildered spirits.

And one day, I was.

“So imagine my surprise when, after  turning the corner, I saw two young girls standing side by side in front of one of the empty offices. Two young girls who, by the way, were just standing stock still doing nothing in particular. I say ‘surprise’ but, really, my reaction was closer to bone-chilling shock. I mean, two girls. Side by side. In the middle of an empty corridor. Inside an empty building. It happened so fast that I couldn’t tell if I remembered that corridor scene from The Shining  first or if my scream came out before the movie reference popped into my head.

Either way, I screamed.”

– Excerpt from The Corridor.

How did my day end after that bone-chilling encounter? And who were the girls I saw?

You can find that out when my book gets published. J

Night Rider

“If the girl had appeared at a playground in broad daylight, with playmates her age, I wouldn’t have been afraid at all. But she wasn’t at a playground, and there weren’t any other children around either. Instead, she was surrounded by  bits and pieces of metal, components and parts piled up neatly in stacks. Because she was at a warehouse in the industrial district, and it was late at night, when little children ought to be fast asleep in their beds.”

– Excerpt from Night Rider.

Okay, let’s say you are a security guard doing night duty all by yourself at a warehouse in the middle of the industrial district. It’s late and all the workers have already clocked out. And then you hear the squeak-squeak-squeak of a tricycle behind you. You turn and look.

And there you see a little girl, in a pale night dress, merrily riding her tiny tricycle round and round, in the middle of an empty warehouse. Did I mention it’s late at night? Like too late for little kids to be out and about by themselves.

You have three choices.

1) Scream and run away.

2) Wet your pants and run away.

3) Stay, observe and report.

Choice #3. Yeah, right. Who in his right mind would pick #3? Maybe someone with a head injury. Pfft!

Or a security guard. Yes, okay. A security guard actually has no other choice but #3. Had I picked choices #1 or #2 that night, I would have lost my job. So without screaming or wetting my pants, I stayed. And what did I do? I sat in my chair and faced the wall resolutely, while listening to loud music. I had hoped that the loud music might ward off the unwelcomed spirit. But no, the mechanical squeak-squeak-squeak continued to assail my ears over the loud music. Until finally when my replacement came in to take over my post.

Those of you who are fans of paranormal documentaries may think that professional ghost hunters are hot stuff with nerves of steel. But let me tell you this, professional ghost hunters have got nothing on professional security guards.

Because whenever a professional ghost hunter goes ghost hunting, he’s always accompanied by a whole platoon of cameramen, soundmen, lighting technicians, makeup artists and miscellaneous hanger-ons.

As a security guard, I worked alone.

So… I guess what I am trying to say here is: Appreciate your security guards.

And contribute to the crowdfunding of my book if you want to find out the result of the investigation I conducted after my shift. Obviously I survived the ordeal unscathed (physically and emotionally) but wouldn’t you like to know who was the otherworldly night rider who appeared during my shift? And of all the empty warehouses in all of the world, why was she haunting that particular one?

In the meantime, while waiting for my book to get published, enjoy your Halloween holiday!

Teck Y. Loh



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  1. Great post. The little girl from “Night Rider” is the one that really stood out for me – it would get most folks, I think. Humans, when you get right down to it, are pack-minded creatures – we live in packs for self protection, especially for the sake of offspring. Human evolutionary instincts would have us try to assure the safety of the child. That’s why paranormal evil in kids is so gripping – nay, gut wrenching – in fiction. Our instinct is to protect children and being threatened by children is an instinctual and psychological break we’re really not equipped to deal with.

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