3 “Sure-win” Moves All Martial Artists Should Watch Out For!



In the school courtyard during recess, a preteen hero thrusts out his palms and yells:

“Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms!”


His team of playmates obligingly fall to the ground as if they were just hit by the invisible dragons overflowing from the hero’s palms.

And that’s one of them. The Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms. The invisible dragons released from your bare hands can destroy entire armies, making it one of the most deadly “sure-win” skills in the pugilist world.

Okay, fuck no. No. That’s a lie, okay? And a test to see how many of you are gullible enough to believe in the existence of “sure-win” moves.

So what are the 3 “sure-win” moves and why do you have to watch out for them? They are biting, the eye jab and the groin kick. Avoid martial art teachers marketing them as “sure-win” moves because there are more interesting ways to waste your money.

Why? Because.

Eye Jab

First of all, eyes are rather small targets and your opponent is not going to stand still and make things easy for you. He will most likely keep swerving his head from side to side to avoid hits. Or cover up with his arms. And if the fight is taking place in the dark, like an unlit back alley, it gets so much more difficult to see, let alone jab at, your opponent’s eyes.

I am not saying it’s impossible. I am just saying you are more likely to land some blows by throwing Krav Maga palm strikes in the general direction of his head (bigger target you know) rather than play a variation of the Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game in the dark. Come on, stop dicking around. Your life is at stake here.

Also, it is worth noting that unless you truly enjoy icky activities such as dissecting house pets or cadavers, you will most likely miss your target on purpose even with a cooperative opponent and a pair of unflinching eyes right in front of you.

It’s human nature for people to not want to stick their fingers into someone else’s eyeballs, especially when said eyeballs are still in use.

Groin Kick

It might work or it might not. It really depends on the situation.

To land a kick squarely on the groin, your opponent’s legs has to be positioned just right so that your foot can get a clear “runway” to his groin. But why would he do that to make things easier for you?

Oh yeah, I also don’t recommend kicking in a street fight for a variety of reasons. And one of the main reasons is that it is too easy to lose your balance with just one foot on the ground. Especially when the ground is not smooth and dry like the wooden flooring in your dojo.

If you fall during a street fight against multiple opponents, you could die.

Having said all that, if you are facing a lone ranger and he’s standing right in front of you with both feet spread conveniently apart, then go for it.


If you want to depend on biting as a “sure-win” move, then there are 4 things you should know.

Firstly, it is too easy for an experienced street-fighter to prevent you from biting him. For example, a few well-placed elbow strikes in the mouth can discourage you from biting or chewing anything afterwards.

Secondly, if you are too lazy to learn the basic techniques every fighter should know, like punching and elbow strikes and footwork etc., then all you can do is to just stand still on the spot and pray that your opponent will be obliging enough to stick his fingers into your mouth.

Thirdly, if you are caught in a triangle choke that’s executed properly, it is impossible for you to bite your opponent.

And finally, biting another person is a self-defeating move. Because the AIDS virus can be transmitted through blood contact with mucous membrane.

And So What I Am Saying Is…

While it’s true that biting your opponent or gouging out his eyes or kicking him in the groin can inflict grievous harm and discourage him from launching further attacks but, as I have already explained above, you need the right kind of environment, the right kind of opportunity and the right kind of opponent to successfully execute these “sure-win” techniques. And to get to the right position at exactly the right time, you are going to need to rely on less lethal techniques like jabs, elbow strikes, arm locks and choke holds to close the distance and restrain your attacker.

And that’s why I think lowly of martial art instructors who peddle biting, the eye jab and groin kick as miracle “cure-alls”. Maybe they are just too lazy to come up with a comprehensive training curriculum or maybe they are trying to maximize profit by getting their students “combat ready” in the shortest time possible but, whatever reason they have, these instructors are letting their students down.

Loh Teck Yong



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