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True Security Guard Ghost Stories: A Halloween Special

Many security guards work twelve-hour night shifts, in eerily quiet buildings and sometimes quite remote areas, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that urban legends and spooky tales have sprung up among our community. This Halloween, if you want to give yourself a good scare with some stories from beyond the grave, chat up a security guard.

Or you can keep on reading.

Because people kept asking me for ghost stories after they found out that I had worked the night shift at various notorious buildings in Singapore, I decided to include some in my yet-to-be-published book, Guards Gone Wild!. As a sort of fan service. So, there they are. Three chapters containing stories of close run-ins with the spine-chilling aspect of security work.

Haunted School

“At this particular school, one of the unbendable rules pertained to the treatment of ‘night students’, the unquiet spirits of students past. According to reliable eyewitnesses, they showed up from time to time, still neatly attired in uniforms of yesteryear, prowling the corridors during the hours of darkness.

‘Ignore them,’ my fellow guard warned. Especially when they tried to grab your attention with friendly greetings. Maybe a ‘hello’, sung from one of the upper floors or a wave of a hand if you were caught looking in the right direction.”

– Excerpt from Haunted School.

But strangely enough, even while my colleague had his fair share of spooky encounters and even while the weekend part-timers were harassed, I myself was never bothered by the ‘night students’. The Haunted School chapter tells the story of two unfortunate weekend part-timers who saw “someone”, a man wearing a white shirt who looked suspiciously like a student, pull off an impossible disappearing act and were so freaked out that they promptly resigned from their job. Read the rest of this entry


Back To Work

Well, today I got back to work after taking a long break to work on my manuscript.

I have to say… I still can’t get used to 12-hour shift work! And I don’t think I ever will.

At least when I was doing factory work, we were rewarded with a 4-day break after working 3 consecutive 12-hour shifts. And a 3-day break after 4 consecutive 12-hour shifts.

Security guards in Singapore work six 12-hour shifts in a week. a 72-hour work week. Read the rest of this entry

Knifer & Aftermath

After posting ‘Is this the right way to deal with bullying?’ to both Hardwarezone and Sammyboy, online forums forums popular with Singaporeans, a general consensus appeared.

Physical force has to be met with physical force.

And I am sure that’s workable in the school yard or out on the streets or wherever delinquents hang out. But when you are a working adult dealing with adult bullies at the workplace, you may have to rethink that meet-physical-force-with-physical-force option. Read the rest of this entry