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As I Grow Older


* The above image is taken from HuffPost.

Earlier today, I overheard a conversation between 2 young boys at the park.

It went something like this.

Boy A: xxx is really too much! I am sorry to say we are no longer friends!

Boy B: But… xxx’s our friend for so many years already. You also know what he’s like…

Boy A: I don’t care! There’s no need for us to be friends with some people!

Well, obviously, nobody would name their child after a porn site. I just used “xxx” to protect the identity of the child who’s about to lose two of his friends. Anyway, this conversation set me thinking. I thought hard about my youth, the younger Teck Yong who didn’t give a damn and could easily befriend strangers or sever existing relationships on a whim.

Back then, I felt young and adventurous. The world was a more exciting place and it looked like opportunities lurked everywhere. Drinking at a pub in London might get me a couple of good friends. Walking into a bookshop at San Francisco might let me meet the girl of my dreams. And they were interesting people, the cosmopolitans in London and San Francisco. We spoke the same language and shared the same political ideals and it’s so easy to meet many of them outside of Singapore.

So because I had both the energy and time to go on plenty of adventures, it became easier to meet all sorts of interesting people. And because it was easy to meet new friends on a regular basis, it also became easier for me to forget old friends. Read the rest of this entry


I Am Sorry, Hee Young


During the late 90s in Singapore, because Facebook hasn’t been invented yet, I made pen friends of the pen and paper variety.

And among the people I exchanged letters (not emails) with, there was a girl from Korea. She liked Chinese idols like Andy Lau and enjoyed reading Slam Dunk, which was popular in Korea at the time. And she would always tell me interesting things about her country. Corresponding with her should have been a fun experience.

However, because I couldn’t understand Korean and her English was not too good, I found it difficult to read her letters. I felt it was a pain to have to read her letters, make something out of them and then write proper replies in proper English that she might not even really understand. So one day, I simply stopped replying to her letters.

She kept up her letters for a while but, after a few months, she realized what was going on and sent me a tearful letter. She wanted to know what went wrong? Was it because of her bad English? Was it because I didn’t like listening to her talk about Korea? Why did I stop writing? Read the rest of this entry

WORLD OTAKU DAY – LETS CELEBRATE!!! Tell me why you love anime and manga???

Today December 15th is World Otaku Day!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 now I know some may say the word Otaku can mean something bad. But I like to take it and turn it into something good. I do not mind being called an Ot…

Source: WORLD OTAKU DAY – LETS CELEBRATE!!! Tell me why you love anime and manga???

My bad. I missed World Otaku Day! But even though it’s kinda late now, let me share my thoughts here.

First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who celebrated World Otaku Day!

I too, do not mind being called an otaku. I consider it to be a compliment.🙂

And just let me tell you why I like anime and manga.

Well, besides the dazzling action scenes and the out-of-this-world scenarios, I like anime/manga because they teach important values that are lacking in today’s society. Read the rest of this entry