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WORLD OTAKU DAY – LETS CELEBRATE!!! Tell me why you love anime and manga???

Today December 15th is World Otaku Day!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 now I know some may say the word Otaku can mean something bad. But I like to take it and turn it into something good. I do not mind being called an Ot…

Source: WORLD OTAKU DAY – LETS CELEBRATE!!! Tell me why you love anime and manga???

My bad. I missed World Otaku Day! But even though it’s kinda late now, let me share my thoughts here.

First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who celebrated World Otaku Day!

I too, do not mind being called an otaku. I consider it to be a compliment.🙂

And just let me tell you why I like anime and manga.

Well, besides the dazzling action scenes and the out-of-this-world scenarios, I like anime/manga because they teach important values that are lacking in today’s society. Read the rest of this entry


What Would An Otaku Do?

Facebook’s See Your Memories function is a good thing.

Because it just reminded me of a good deed I did last year, on the same day as today. And I want to share it with you all because what I did explains why it is important for the youths of today to read more manga and watch more anime.

Between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., on the 12th of June in 2015, I was leaving the train station in my neighbourhood when I saw a man walking unsteadily in front of me. He appeared to be in an agitated state. I remember seeing him hit a banner hanging outside the station.

Then he got to the taxi stand. A lady passenger was just getting into the waiting taxi when the man dashed forward and slammed the door shut on the lady. As the shocked lady was backing away, he opened the door to the front seat and got in. I did not hear what was being said in the taxi but, based on body language alone, I could see that the taxi driver appeared to be unwilling to pick him as a passenger. Read the rest of this entry

History Of Maid Cafes


The above image is from this eBay page.

The earliest “maid cafes” in recorded history first started operations in ancient Egypt, during the Twenty-Second Dynasty (c. 945–715 BC) when the cat goddess Bast was revered as a protector deity.

Historians and archaeologists now believe that, based on evidence found in mural paintings, the priestesses of Bast adorned themselves with “cat ears” and “cat tails” fashioned from reeds during temple ceremonies. Cats, believed by ancient Egyptians to be guardians of the underworld, were thought to possess semi-divine authority over malignant spirits. And Egyptologists believe that, in donning “cat ears” and “cat tails”, the priestesses were trying to assume the mantle and authority of cats during rituals to exorcise evil influence and spirits.

“And if you look closely at the priestesses, in their cat ears and tails, you see the remarkable resemblance to modern cat girl maids plying their trade in Akihabara,” said Dr. Otaku from Todai (Tokyo University) Department of History and Social Sciences. Read the rest of this entry

Otaku Fitness

Fujinsei, a blogger I am following, recently came up with a list of health tips for busy otaku bloggers like herself. You can read the list here. I highly recommend it. 🙂

After reading her blog post, I was inspired to give my own two cents’ worth about otaku fitness.

I guess fitness is not a problem for me because I don’t blog so often and I am currently working as a security guard. That means lots of walking.

When I was not working and doing my otaku thing (i.e. reading manga and watching anime) full-time, fitness was also not a problem. Because I also belong to a sub-group of otaku known as martial arts otaku. I don’t know about other martial arts otaku but I do martial arts for real ln Meat Space. Running, push-ups, sit-ups, weights, form training, shadow boxing and pad work. The works. Read the rest of this entry

Spacing Out In Mahora

By the way, I am also an Otaku – fan of Japanese anime and manga.

So today, let us talk about Negima! Magister Negi Magi, a Japanese manga about a 10-year-old wizard teaching a class of middle-school girls. No, no, no! Stay with me! It isn’t like that at all! There isn’t any weird shit going on in there unless you count the android girls, ninjas, swordswomen, wizards, dragons and vampires. And they attend school just like any other regular Japanese student. Now, before you cast the first stone at this manga, can you truly vouch for your own school? No androids in your tea ceremony club? Are you sure the girl sitting beside you in history wasn’t really a ninja? And just because you didn’t hear the dragon chained beneath your school, are you sure it wasn’t actually there? Read the rest of this entry