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Job Cuts In Security Industry

And that’s not a good thing, despite what this glowing article from the Straits Times is saying.

For starters, any situation where workers are let go is never good. After their removal from the shopping malls, where can they go? Condominiums? Office buildings? But what if other places decide to follow suit and use technology as an excuse to cut down on the number of security guards at their premises?

Where would those guards go? Let me tell you one hard truth about the security industry in Singapore. I have been working (on an on-and-off basis) as a security guard myself since 1999, and I can tell you that many security guards are unable to move out of their comfort zone in the security industry.

Many of my colleagues don’t even have ‘O’ levels. And I met plenty who were only educated up to primary-school level. But they were able to make a somewhat decent living because security guards working at malls get paid several hundred dollars more than guards at other assignments like schools or condominiums.

Now, maybe those guards who were let go by the malls can find vacancies at less lucrative sites and they can continue to wear their uniforms, but if they are unlucky… What then? Factory jobs are even harder to come by nowadays and many cleaning companies tend to hire cheap foreign workers. You tell me. What can a ex-security guard with primary-level education find in today’s job market? Read the rest of this entry


Don’t Talk So Much? Why Not?

I was googling around for news stories about the security industry when I came upon this interesting Straits Times article. Towards the end of 2014, a Manpower Correspondent went undercover as a security guard and uncovered some going-ons at a condominium and later on, a newly completed commercial building.

And at this second work site, he was scolded by his supervisor when he suggested that they should just lock a door instead of assigning a guard to guard it. According to the article, the room was recently sprayed with chemical and so a guard was posted there to prevent people from entering. Probably for health reasons. Read the rest of this entry